Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Our team is helping many children's and helping to make a happy environment across India

Parmeshwari Kumari Dhayal

Parmeshwari is among those leaders who has great vision when it comes to serving humanity. She is one with Thoughtful mind. Her thoughtful mind and selflessness made her best person among NEK Team whit out whom taking this journey from here will be uncomplete. She given meaning to many life’s. She strongly believes in compassion and is full of wisdom. Her down to earth approach made her connect with people. She is passionate to make change for better in society. A motivational Speaker, thoughtful leader, Reader, Traveler, counselor, teacher & a Guru makes her integral Part of Team NEK. With her presence, support, guidance NEK Mission Foundation will definitely grow and will bring value addition to this World.

Ekta Yadav

An individual who is passionate to contribute for betterment of environment and Humanity. She is always thoughtful for betterment. A person who believes in self and God, love to help wherever and whenever its possible. She believes even one small act of goodness in any field, always counts and brings value to the universe we live in. An individual who learned a lot from ground and wants to take step to uplift the social and environmental section. She has hands on professional experience with TOP Multinational Companies into various areas of Human Resources. Done lot of ground work while working and wanted to utilize her skills, expertise and learning by contributing her time and devotion for better being. An energetic young leader who achieved milestones at such young age where she has touched life of people. She has given direction to many people to go ahead and she held hand of dozens of people who not only learn to stand by their own but they are walking well now in their life’s. She believes in making life more meaningful not only for self but for surroundings also whether its Human or its Ecology.

Dinesh chand meena

Dinesh is young leader of NEK Mission Foundation’s Core Team. He has lot of project exposure and initiated many activities in field of Education and Social acts. Dinesh is full of helping spirit and always ready to take any task in hand with a go getter attitude. He has vision of giving back to society by multiplying the goods he received. He has great attitude which helps him to find good in everything. A youth leader with young mind and high energy with an attitude of doing better in life for others makes him perfect for this team which is strength additional strength to NEK Mission Foundation.

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